Bu Kaç Para Eder is a website in which the unbiased appraisal of the antiques, works of art, collection items from any period and artist is done.

Bukaçparaeder.com which is committed to give the best service in accordance with the objectivity and ethical principles and which is a reliable platform with its executive staff and staff of more than 100 appraisers within the country and abroad was founded in 2012 with the partnership of Muazzez Bodur and [Enkuba Technologies] helping innovative entreprenuers to accelarete the process of the creation of companies which develop mobile and internet products.

Muazzez Bodur (Founder)

She was born in the year of 1975 and she is Marmara University, Department of Economics graduate. Upon her M.A. in marketing in England, she gave service in Koç Group for more than 10 years and later on she worked in the health sector for 5 years.

In 2010 she founded 2010 koleksiyonerim.com, which was the project she presented in Start Up Weekend Contest. Koleksiyonerim.com offered collectors trainings, tours of expositions abroad, appraisal, and restoration, consultancy service for the auctions within the country and abroad.

She keeps giving consultancy service for the appraisal of the antique and collection objects in their place or virtually to the collectors, insurance companies, lawyers and architects. (muazzez@deger.li)

The Unbiased Appraisers All Around the World

Bu Kaç Para Eder, with a staff of more than 100 expert appraisers, in a virtual environment, in thirty categories, provides appraisers’ service for your artistic and antique items belonging to any period and any artist.

While appraising your items we aim to provide you with a professional and detailed appraiser’s report. For the items belonging to any period and any artist we assess in thirty categories for each category we have present one or more than one appraiser.

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