Painting And Drawing

All works of art such as oil painting, watercolor painting, pastel and pencil drawing and sketches are appraised under the same category.

Woodenware And Furniture

All furniture from any period and country such as boxes, chests, reading desks (rahle), kitchenware, sticks, and mirrors are under this category.

Porcelain, Ceramics And Chinaware

The objects such as plates, gondolas, ashtrays, bibelots, whirling dervishes, inkwell sets are appraised under this category. Porcelains and ceramics are the most collected objects. Porcelains are classified as Turkish, European and Far East porcelains.

Carpet And Rugs

Carpets, tapestry, rugs and hand-woven prayer rugs (seccade) from any period and country are under this category. The regional carpets and rugs which are seen frequently in our country have significantly high value in abroad.

Koran, Calligraphy and Manuscripts

Manuscripts, printed Koran, Charter, Firman, Calligraphic metals, Hilya (Hilye-i Şerif) and miniature are together under this category.

Sufism And Sect Objects

Any kind of object pertaining to the Sufi culture is under this category. Sufism elements such as praying rug, fur, dervish’s coat, stick, tennure (wide-skirted garment worn by dervishes performing sema), teslim taşı (the small stone worn by dervishes), cilbend (folder carrided by dervishes), gül, habbe, haydari(type of garment worn by dervishes), destegül(robes worn by dervishes in their cells), kanberiye, kemer (the belt worn by dervishes), keşkül, mengüş (earring worn by single dervishes), nefir palheng (a kind of musical instrument), rida, sofra, tac, teber (a kind of axe) and nize are appraised by our appraisers.

Gem And Jewellery

Any gem and jewelry from any period and carat; gold, silver, platinum which have craftsmanship and precious stones, semi-precious stones are under this category. All gemstones and jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings are appraised by appraisers who are experts in their fields. Our appraisers appraise the gemstones taking the material value and the historical value into consideration.


The stamp which has many collectors in our country is sent to and appraised by different appraisers depending on its period and country.


Money is classified as banknote and coin. Turkish Republic Period, Ottoman Period and different currencies from all over the world are appraised by different appraisers.

Textile and Embroidery

Handmade lacework, canvas, gobelin, Ottoman headscarves, divan cloths, robes (kaftans), shirts, bridals, tarbushes, quilted turbans, infants’ wear, stage costumes, embroidery, cheesecloth from any period and country are under this category.

Books, Magazines And Valuable Documents

Books, old magazines, encyclopedias, old title deeds, vouchers which have antiquity value from any period and country are under this category. Integrity of some works might not have been preserved and these kinds of works should need to be appraised on the basis of pages. Therefore, front and the backside of the work and also page details should be photographed.


Gold, silver, wooden, bronze, jeweled, enameled wristwatches, wall clocks, table clocks, sculptured clocks and chain watches from any period and country are under this category.


Postcards or postal cards which were the parts of the museums in past and in present day whose museums are opened are among the most collected objects.


Golden and Silver Objects

Golden and silver items, golden boxes, golden frames, keys, silver boxes, filigree objects, silver cutlery, tea sets and jewels from any period and country  are under this category.

Copper, Brass And Bronze Objects

Copper, brass, bronze lightening, ornaments, sculptures, braziers, sconces, candlesticks, inkwell sets, tea urns (samovars), bedsteads, zam-zam sets and tombacs from any period and country are under this category. The date, sultan’s signature and the texts over the work are all-important.

Glass Objects

Glass, crystal, carafes, sugar bowl, liquor sets, Beykoz glassware, underglass painting works, lightenings, oil lamps, lamps, wine glasses, drinking glasses, glass cups, opalines, gas lamps and lanterns from any period and country are under this category.

Badges and Medals

Campaign medal, war of independence medal, Turkish Armed Forces medal of honor, order of merit, decoration of merit, order of charity from any period and country  are under this category.

Musical Instruments

Appraisal of wind and percussion instruments, claviers and all instruments having antiquity value such as pickup, gramophone, and record are done under this category.

Gravure (Engraving), Maps and Other Prints

Gravures (Engravings), Maps and Illustrations and other prints are appraised under this category.

Toys and Action Figures

Any kind of toy reached our present day made of fabric, porcelain, and wood, plastic, metal and also action figures are under this category. For old toys; labels, manufacturer information, and for porcelain dolls; the serial number should be stated in the explanations section or should clearly be seen in the visuals. Existence of such information increases the value of the item.

Photograph and Photographic Apparatus

Turkish and foreign, Ottoman classic and contemporary photograph artists and photographic apparatusesare under this category.

Contemporary Art

Any kind of Contemporary Art is appraised under this category.

Prayer Bead

Prayer bead (misbaha), with it history dating back to 17th Century in Ottoman Empire, is one the significant collection items in our country. For prayer beads; the appraisal value, material, craftsmanship are appraised by masters.

Objects From Far East

The objects from Far East countries such as China, Japan, Thailand and India are appraised under this category.

Weapon And Ordnance

Pistol, rifle, sword, bow and arrow, cam, shield, powder flask, armor, brassard, head shield, grave, wrist shields from any period and country are under this category.

Pop and Film Memorabilia

Any kind of costumes belonging to leaders, musical artists, film artists, sportsmen and their teams; posters and the objects used in films are under this category. In our present day for the costumes and objects used during film private auctions are organized.


The costumes, hats, shoes, glasses, furs and bags used in everyday life between the years of 1920 – 1970 are appraised under this category.

Classic Automobiles

For the appraisal of the classic automobiles such as Alfa Romeo, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Triumph, Pontiac, Ford, Bentley, Chrysler, Mustang we consult to our appraiser abroad.

Machine and Scientific Tools

Any kind of machine (typewriter, sewing machine, weighing machine, calculator etc.) and scientific tool (chronometer, medical equipment, barometer etc.) are appraised under this category. Whether it works or not, during the repair whether original parts were used or not, and the lacking and broken parts should be stated in the explanations section and if possible should be photographed. 

Other Objects

There is no object that can not be valued. If you have any object that you would like to have valued, you can send them to the "Others" category in our website. We value art object which belong to different countries and eras. For example; Austria & Aboriginal Art, Tribal Art, 20th century design objects.

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