How are the Objects Appraised?

The value is assessed in line with the material and the historical accumulation of the object and the market demand; by receiving one or several appraiser’s opinion who have an expertise in the relevant artifact group and whose expertise is accepted within the country and abroad.

Our appraisers assess the market value of the object whose virtual or in-place appraisal is requested showing the maximum effort and taking the information given by the object owner, any explanation supporting it and the photos and the measurements sent for the virtual appraisal as a base and assuming that these aspects reflect the reality.

There is no object whose appraisal can not be done.

If you do not know the place for your object among the categories or if you do not know what your object is you can upload photos choosing ‘other objects’ category.

What are the Factors Affecting the Value of the Antique?

Any old object may not be an antique and in the same vein any antique may not be valuable. In fact, any object from the past reaching our day is unique, even if it reflects the same period, it won’t be in the same condition during the appraisal and the condition of the object is significantly important.

Antique works should also be valuable at their periods. For an object, having been done by the special artists of its time increases its value also as an antique.

Also, the artist or the manufacturer of the antique is an important criterion.

Under which conditions and for which reasons it was done is also an element affecting the antiquity value.

What is Antique?

In our present day the term antique used for the works of art aged at least 100 years and for the objects carrying historical value.

Value of an antique is appraised according to the historical time, its period and its current condition. Any old object is not an antique.

Does this Report Verify the Originality?

The report you take virtually is pre-assessment. It does not provide information about the originality of the work.

Our appraisers, when they doubt the originality of the work, state it in the report; however, whether the work is original or not becomes clear with in-place evaluation.

You can contact us by using the contact form for certified in-place originality appraisal.

Why an Unbiased Appraisal Is Important?

The objective value of the old objects and works of art is the highest and lowest price range that the object can find buyer in the market.

The objective/unbiased value is the only price range that will help you to decide over the real value during buying, selling and sharing processes.

Can I use the Report in Legal Processes such as Divorcement and Inheritance?

The report you take virtually is a pre-evaluation. It is better to have an ‘in-place appraisal report’ in order to use in legal processes.

The appraiser will appraise the work in its place and will be able to give detailed information about its originality.

You can convey your in-place appraisal request and questions by filling out the contact form or calling +90 212 336 04 10

In How Many Days Can I Get My Report? sends your report in three working days to your e-mail account. If there is a problem with the images of the content the owner of the artifact is informed. After the relevant information is arrived, the report is then sent in three working days.

Do you State that the Object Sent is with Me to Any Organization or Person?

No, no organization or person is notified regarding the object you sent us. Also in the appraisal requests sent to our appraisers, except the object information, no information is present. Our appraisers can not see the user information (name, address, city, etc.). Your personal information is stored safely in our system.

How Secure is the Website for the use of Credit card? uses SSL Certificate which secures the information transmitted with 128 bit encryption. When buying coupon from our website, the card information used is not registered and by no means seen by the third parties.

Can I choose the Appraiser to Appraise my Object?

There may be more than one appraiser for a category. Expertises of our appraisers are evaluated by the website administrators and your object information is sent to the most appropriate appraiser.

Our users can not choose the appraisers.

Can I get a Refund if the Monetary Value of the Object I sent is too Low?

For any object that you send an examination by our appraisers is done an appraiser’s report is created. Your object may not have a market value or its value may be lower than the coupon prices, however, we do not refund the coupon prices.

Who Are the Appraisers Abroad?

Each work is sent to the appraisers in their regions who are experts in their fields via our contracted cooperation and organizations. The report is then translated and delivered in the given time.

Our appraisers abroad work for public auction companies, museums, universities in the positions such as expert, proprietor, department head and instructor.

Why Turkish Objects are Sent to the Turkish Appraisers and Foreign Objects to the Appraisers Abroad?

The works have more buyers where they were produced.

Just as for objects belonging Ottoman Period Turkish appraisers have more knowledge and experience, for objects with foreign origin foreign appraisers have more experience. Thus these works should be appraised by the appraisers who are in the same region which the works are produced.

An artist who become famous and known in any country may not be known in different a country and his works may not be demanded, however, this doesn’t mean that the work is invaluable.

What If the Object is Subsoil?

Subsoil objects are not appraised via the website You may not know whether your object is subsoil or not. In case a subsoil object is sent to us in order to be appraised, our appraisers will examine the object and give information about the object; however the market value will not be present in the report. Information regarding the law is provided to the object owner.

Do you Sell Archeological Artifacts?

According to the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assests Law, only the people who have certificate of collectorship are at liberty to buy and sell archeological artifacts in Turkey. Taking these artifacts out of the country is forbidden. In case you come across such an artifact you can consult the archeology museum without hesitation. If you wish to do the collection of the archeological artifacts, you can collect such artifacts by having a certificate of collectorship issued with the permisson taken from the museum. Such collections are subject to the control of the museum. does not the do appraisal of the archeological artifacts and do not buy them.

What is Needed to Have the Certificate of Collectorship?

According to the regulation about ‘Movable Cultural and Natural Assets Needed to be Protected and their Collectorship and Supervision’ published in Official Gazzette in 15 March 1984, first of all you need to apply to the closest museum. The documents needed to apply to the museum;

1- Copy of Birth Certificate

2- Certificate of Residence

3- Criminal record taken from the Chief Public Prosecuter’s Office that one is not convicted by crimimal offences such as old artifacts smuggling, illegal excavations or treasure hunting

4- 3 passport photos

5- The address where the collection is

6- The lists stating the artifact’s name and genre

After the approval of the collectorship, 2 photos of the each historical artifact included in the collection are taken. These photos are recorded in ‘inventory book’ preapred by the experts in 2 copies. One of the books is conserved at the museum and the other one is conseved by the collector. Any artifact added to the collection afterwards must be recored in the inventory book no later than a month.

How Can We Appraise Our Antiques?

We advise you to have an appraiser’s report if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the antiques. You can buy services from our website for unbiased appraisal of your collection and decide the price you want to sell your object. In order for the right appreciation of the objects whose appraisal is done by us, we give free consultancy service for the clients who consult us.

Do You Do Appraisal at Home?

We do appraisal in any city in Turkey for works over a certain number and for insurance companies.

For further information you can contact us by filling the contact form or sending an e-mail at

Is Same Appraisement Charge Paid for Objects in any Category?

Standard coupon price is taken for objects in any category.

How Many Coupons Should I Buy for Single Object?

For one object you need to buy one coupon. You can prefer one of our multi-coupons for the appraisal of more than one object.( packages of 3 or 10)

What is the Gift Coupon?

Gift Coupon is the coupon that you can buy in order to give someone as a gift.

A code is sent to the e-mail address of the person for whom you bought the gift coupon; the gift owner, logging this code in to the system can have the appraiser’s report of his artifact.

What does the Coupon Mean?

1 coupon is the right registered to your account which you can use to have the appraiser’s report for 1 item.

You can use your discount packages of 3 or 10 whenever you want.

Can I Give Service of Appraiser’s via Your Corporation?

You can contact us by sending your resume about your expertise to the address

We advise you to read the article about our appraisers on our appraisers’ page.

If I restorate my art work, how does it effect the price?

Usually the art works are valuating by their age and rarity. Many works of art in the museum, even if they have restorated, there is no effect on the price . Because, historic and artistic aspects of these works made them irreplaceable and invaluable.

In other words, how great the damage, the value loss is more. Restoration quality of the work, the most important factor in the increase in price. The restoration which accurate with scientific methods, provides a return to the original value of the work.

How to clean an antique furniture?

Dust is the enemy of antiques. It creates an acidic effect and help to keep moisture your furniture. This can lead to deterioration of your furniture’s polish. You can keep your antiques clean and healthy by dusting once in a week.

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