The unbiased appraisers all around the world work for us in order to appraise your items.

Bu Kaç Para Eder, with a staff of more than 100 expert appraisers, in a virtual environment, in thirty categories, provides appraisers’ service for your artistic and antique items belonging to any period and any artist.

While appraising your items we aim to provide you with a professional and detailed appraiser’s report.

Our appraisers are in service in thirteen different countries.

Our appraisers who are experts in their fields work for public auction companies, museums, universities, firms buying and selling antiques; in positions like department head, advisor, instructor, proprietor in the countries they reside.

Since we do not buy and sell items, our appraisers are absolutely unbiased.

Our appraisers use their knowledge in order to make the process of appraising your items and artworks at any age and genre as simple and comprehensible as possible.

Resumes of our appraisers are at the relevant category pages.

Sample Resumes of our Appraisers

(Names of our appraisers are not published virtually. This is a corporate resolution taken in line with the general demand of the appraisers and ethic principles of our company. Thinking that you would appreciate this decision, we guarantee the credibility of our appraisers’ expertise and knowledge.)

Our Painting Appraiser, has been doing art consultancy for more than 35 years.Turkish Painting Art being in the first place, he is an expert in History of European Painting and Ottoman Art.Our appraiser who bought and sold antiques between 1978 and 1987, been in the advisory board of the many public auction companies in Turkey, continues to give service of appraisers’ and art consultancy to insurance companies and private collectors. Doing Picture Restoration since 1975, he has also been working in museums, art galleries, public and private institutions.

Our Kütahya, Çanakkale and İznik Appraiser, was born in the year of 1969. He is Saint Joseph and İstanbul University Classical Archaeology graduate. He speaks English and French. He have been buying and selling items for more than 20 years with his experience started as a collector. Our appraiser’s grandfather had worked as the first museum director of the Topkapı Palace while his father worked as the Restoration chief architect of the palace.

Our Calligraphy Appraiser, was born in the year of 1955.He did his doctorate in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he wrote 8 books about Turkish Culture. He started collectorship and his researches about calligraphy in 1974. He knows Ottoman Turkish. Providing auction companies with consultancy about Calligraphy and Islamic Art, our appraiser works as an assistant professor in a private university at the same time.

Our Valuable Document appraiser, born in 1975, is İstanbul University Library Science graduate.He has been working for the biggest library in Turkey as the ‘Rare Books Expert’. He has been classifying and arranging Maps, Ottoman Turkish Books, Ottoman City Culture Postcards, manuscripts since 1999. Our expert, who has more than 30 works published, still has articles and interviews published in many journals and newspapers. He works for big auction companies as a consultant and as a commissioner.

Our Book Appraiser, was graduated from İstanbul University Turkish Language and Literature Department in 1987. He did his master’s degree in the subject matter of ‘Gravestones of the Poets Buried in İstanbul’ in the Old Turkish Literature division of the same department. He worked for preparing the book auction catalogue in Librairie de Pera between the years of 1986 – 1998. He worked as the old book expert and the library consultant in Yapı Kredi Yayınları and Sermet Çifter Kütüphanesi. He wrote some articles about books, booktrade, gravestones and the history of İstanbul in the magazines and journals such as Kitap-lık, Sanat Dünyamız, Cogito, Tarih ve Toplum, Toplumsal Tarih, Arkitekt, Albüm, İstanbul, P (antika), Tombak, Müteferrika, Simurg, Dergah, Kapalıçaşı, ve 4.Kat, İlgi, Asklepos, Kültür and Türk Edebiyatı. Our appraiser, who still keeps doing second hand book trade, is an expert in books,magazines, Koran, calligraphy and manuscripts.

Our Gem and Jewelry Appraiser, was graduated from Faculty of Business Administration in USA.For long years he has sustained the profession of jeweler coming from the family. After that he went to Santa Monica, CA in order to receive education in the field of diamonds and gemstones and he took the diploma of the diamonds and colored gemstones from Gemological Institute of America, known as GIA. He has studied in the field of gems in USA especially in Los Angeles for 10 years. He gave seminars about gemstones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and pearl and he had publications coming out in the media. He is still working on the book he will publish about gemstones.

Our Ottoman and Turkish Stamp Appraiser, has been running a stamp shop in İstanbul for 41 years. Our appraiser, who published a Stamp catalogue in 1980 in Turkey, publishes a catalogue annually on a regular basis. Our appraiser, taking charge in Turkish Stamp Federation, organizes exhibitions about stamps for the public.

Our Ottoman and Turkish Republic Banknote and Coin Appraiser; born in 1963, is Saint Joseph French Male High School and Boğaziçi University graduate.He is an official collector registered to Topkapı Palace and he is in service as an expert for the palace. He speaks French, English and Ottoman Turkish. Our appraiser owns a business firm about old money for a long time and publishes catalogues about old money regularly.

Our Textile and Embroidery Appraiser, was graduated from Department of History of Art İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters. He had started to work at Topkapı Palace in 1971 and since 1978 he had worked as the head of the department of the Sultan’s Costumes and he retired in 2006. He started his academic career in the years he started working in the museum and he took his title of PhD for his research about the archeology of the palace before Ottoman Empire.

Our Gravure (Engraving) and Map Appraiser, was born in 1965 in İstanbul. Between the years of 1982-86 he did his Bachelor’s Degree in Archeology and History of Art Department, History of Art division in İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters. Between the years of 1986-90 he did his Master’s Degree in the Department of History of Art, İstanbul Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences. The areas in which he is interested vocationally and keep studying: Tulip Era and the Westernization Period afterwards and afterwards changes in the socio-cultural life and architecture with observations done by foreign wanderers, artists, and orientalists and their reflections, military buildings such as barracks, shipbuilding yards, armory, cultural building such as library, madrasa(muslim theological school), sıbyan mektebi (ottoman elementary-primary school) ,civil buildings (specially palaces, mansions, pavilions in Golden Horn in Bosphorus which reached the present day or not). He is in service in the areas such as original gravure (engravings) and maps, buying & selling and appraising visuals related to Ottoman Empire, art consultancy and consultancy for collectors.

Our Weapon and Ordnance Appraiser, was born in the year of 1943. He is History of Art and Archeology graduate. He has taken his position as Weapon and Ordnance Expert in Topkapı Palace 1971. In 1990 he was promoted to the deputy manager of the palace. Our appraiser who retired in 2000 has articles and papers on weapons and ordnances.

Our Action Figure and Recollections Appraiser, is Bilkent University graduate. He has been collecting action figure and film, music and pop recollections for a long time. In our appraiser’s collection there are costumes and objects from well-known films such as Matrix, Godfather, Lost, Jaws; and there are also costumes of celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Kate Winstlett. Our appraiser who does Action Figure collection has more than 600 objects in his collection. His collection has been exhibited in 5 different cities in Turkey.

Our Classic Automobile Appraiser, was born in the year of 1960. He was graduated from İstanbul Vocational Auto-Mechanic School in 1979. He worked as mechanic master-auto mechanic in İstanbul Auto Tofaş service. Since 2005 he has started to specialize in Classic Automobiles. His articles about classic automobiles has been published in many newspapers and magazines and broadcasted in the radio. He is still the editor of magazine of Classic Automobiles and he works in the field of Classical Automobile consultancy and repair.

You can see other appraisers’ resumes under the relevant category pages. Resumes of our appraisers who appraise foreign items will be given with the reports upon request.

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